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Win-win situation:

Martine T’Jampens and Sébastien Dirand, Managing Directors of Contentia in Belgium and France

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EOS has expanded: After the acquisition of the Contentia Group with branches in Belgium and France, the debt collection specialists are now working closely together and are thus strengthening their market position.

More than 2000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle declared that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This equation also applies to the acquisition of the Contentia Group by EOS since the companies are well-suited to each other and their businesses are complementary.

In July 2016 the EOS Group acquired 100 per cent of the shares in the debt collection service provider. Four companies in particular had good reason to be pleased about the transaction, namely, EOS Credirec in France, EOS Aremas in Belgium and the Contentia companies in France and Belgium. ‘In France Contentia is among the top three debt collection service providers. We strengthened our position in the French market with this purchase’, says Nathalie Lameyre, President of EOS Credirec. Roel Dumont, Managing Director of EOS Aremas, adds, ‘Thanks to the acquisition, all the companies involved can offer their customers an even broader range of services’.

Growth with specialist expertise

The products and customer segments of EOS and ­Contentia complement each other perfectly. EOS in Belgium and France specializes in services for the banking sector, while Contentia looks after companies from the telecommunications, health and utilities sectors and banks. The sale to the EOS Group opens up new growth opportunities for the company and boosts its competitiveness.

Mutual gain

In the future, each entity will continue to concentrate on the customer segments in which it has gained the most experience. EOS Aremas and Contentia in Belgium have agreed upon a clear market allocation: EOS Aremas looks after customers from the financial sector and Contentia takes care of clients from the other sectors. ‘We have a very loyal customer base and a high satisfaction rate with our clients. That will not change in the future. With this clear distribution of responsibilities, we give our customers the certainty that they can rely on our efficiency and professionalism just as much in future as they did before the acquisition’, says Martine T’Jampens, Managing Director of Contentia in Belgium.

Shortly after the purchase by EOS, Contentia in Belgium acquired a large debt portfolio. In doing so, the company benefited from the financial strength of the EOS Group. The Belgians also gained from the expertise of the EOS Group. ‘Risk Management at the Hamburg headquarters assisted us with the analysis of the portfolio’, explains Ms T’Jampens. She identified a further advantage in the opportunity to expand the range of services: thanks to the EOS companies and their partners, Contentia in Belgium can now provide customers cross-border collection in more than 180 countries around the world. In addition Contentia, like the EOS Group, will offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions in future. ‘By outsourcing their internal collection department to us, companies can concentrate more on their core business’, says Ms T’Jampens. Contentia also enhances EOS. Take France as an example: ‘EOS Credirec will implement our sophisticated IT solution in the future’, explains Sébastien Dirand, Managing Director of Contentia in France. ‘Our collaboration is a true win-win situation’.

Working out strategies:

All involved parties share the same values

New brands bolster unity

The companies also cooperate so well because they have a very similar work ethic. ‘Our actions are based on the same values as EOS. We too always treat our debtors respectfully with the goal of protecting the good reputations of our clients’, explains the Managing Director of Contentia in Belgium.

At the same time, EOS and Contentia are growing increasingly closer and within the next few months the companies in the two countries will take on new names. ‘In Belgium, we will align our brand to EOS in the course of the year’, says Ms T’Jampens. EOS Credirec and Contentia in France will gradually conduct their business under the shared name of EOS France. ‘With this uniform brand identity, we will combine the excellent reputations of both EOS Credirec and Contentia and make our unity apparent to the outside world’, says Mr Dirand. And so, many parts will eventually become a complete whole.

Programmed for the future

Digital Parcel Service

It’s the middle of the night and you want to return an article to a mail order company right away. In future that should not be a problem with the Starship robot. The rolling parcel robot should be able to make deliveries and pick up returns independently at any time of day the customer wishes. The consumer delivery specialist Hermes tried out the concept during a six-month test phase in Hamburg, Germany, and launched another pilot in London, Great Britain, in April 2017. For legal reasons, the robot in Hamburg still has to be accompanied by a person. Very soon in Great Britain, however, the human escort will no longer be necessary.