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What constitutes a good debt collection service provider? Fast, efficient processes, a high level of transparency, and certified data security are important criteria. EOS subsidiaries around the world can prove that they provide their customers with precisely these things and more.

Those wanting to assess the quality of a car might look at aspects such as fuel consumption, horsepower or acceleration, for example. In the case of a jacket, wearing comfort, workmanship and materials make up the quality. For services, however, an objective assessment has to be more demanding, especially when the service is as complex as receiv­ables management.

That is precisely why the EOS Group places such emphasis on making its high standards transparent. A growing number of clients would like their service providers to operate in accordance with accepted quality standards and provide corresponding documentation.

Behind the scenes:

EOS attaches great importance to quality

Quality management is key to success

EOS trusts in efficient quality management systems. Just recently, the branch office of EOS Deutscher Inkasso-Dienst (DID) in Potsdam, Germany, had its quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by certification body TÜV Nord. ‘ISO 9001 certification is the most prevalent and prominent quality management standard both nationally and internationally, and sets out the minimum requirements that a quality management system must meet’, explains Nenad Tomic, Quality Manager at EOS DID. Stefanie Stocker, Head of EOS DID Potsdam, agrees: ‘At EOS our quality standard goes well beyond simply fulfilling minimum requirements. We live and breathe quality management each and every day’. Before the auditors from TÜV Nord arrived, EOS DID compiled all documentation in a single location, inspected and streamlined processes, and closely scrutinised information security.

Standardised service:

A manual documents all processes for the employees at EOS DID in Potsdam, Germany

High standards:

Daniela Popp (left) and Stefanie Stocker at EOS DID are committed to quality with head and heart

A highly involved undertaking, certification establishes confidence with clients and communicates the high quality standards to the world in a way that is sincere. In order to accomplish the same for other branch offices, the team at EOS DID in Hamburg, Germany, is already prepared for certification of the debt collection procedures.

Put to the test every six months

Stuart Knock, Managing Director of EOS Solutions UK also recognises how important the ISO Standard 9001 seal of quality is to many clients. ‘Many companies even make it a prerequisite of working with us’. EOS Solutions UK has borne the seal of quality for around ten years.

Since 2016, the company has also been one of the few debt collection specialists to be certified in accordance with ISO 27001. This demonstrates the high standards in IT security, such as encrypted transmission and data storage with respect to firewalls, as well as defending against malware. The audit is cost- and time-intensive and the requirements are high. ‘A neutral body puts us to the test every six months for the certification process. This creates transparency and shows our customers that we do business as reliably as promised in our brochures and presentations’, says Mr Knock.

Long-term commitment

More and more customers demand transparency in IT security, emphasises Milan Stojanović, IT Director at EOS Matrix in Serbia: ‘We regularly fill in questionnaires on this subject for our clients in the banking and telecommunications industries. Thus, they know that they can rely on us across the board. Our quality and IT security management makes us a sought-after partner’, explains the IT expert.

EOS Matrix continually enhances its system and thereby protects itself against unauthorised access, human error, as well as software and hardware malfunctions. The company confirmed the quality of its IT security officially with certification to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. ‘This is the crowning achievement of our years of hard work’, explains Mr Stojanović.

Programmed for the future


Anti-malware protects IT system against cyber attacks. Until recently, programs have been able to detect only known malware and system weak points. The research project ‘Intelligent detection of cyber attacks on IT infrastructures’ in Hessen, Germany, is now developing software for early, automated recognition of attacks on the company’s computer systems. The use of artificial intelligence means it can learn independently and thus ward off any as yet unknown dangers.