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Successful recovery of receivables requires knowing the country and its people. The example of Visma Duetto of Finland shows how local partners support EOS in cross-border debt collection.

The Finns are masters at bridging large distances. Even the most remote parts of the country can be reached with ease by car, train or ship. High-speed internet is also available everywhere. In a republic of 5.5 million citizens with a population density of 16 people per square kilometre, networking is an extremely important aspect. Unsurprisingly, Finland is a front-runner in digitalisation amongst European countries.

Simply well-organised

The digital transformation has touched almost every part of life in this Northern European country from the econo­my, education, public administration and the debt collection industry. ‘Modern receivables management must be part of the software companies use to organise all their processes’, states Mikko Ruoho, Sales Director at Visma Duetto. The debt collection service provider based in Turku on the south-western coast of Finland provides user-friendly software to its more than 3,500 customers.

The software can then be integrated into companies’ business process management programs. It en­ables automation of handovers, documentation and reporting of debt collection cases, thus ensuring fast, smooth implementation. Visma Duetto has been a member of the EOS Preferred Partner Alliance since 2015. EOS has long been working with these companies in international receivables management. Their high-quality processes have been tested and proven in regular audits.

Home port

The collection service provider is headquartered in Turku on Finland’s southwest coast

Flowing smoothly:

Sales Director Mikko Ruohu of Visma Duetto is the clients’ first contact

Debt collection in more than 180 countries

EOS also cooperates with its Preferred Partners in terms of strategy. ‘For example, we consult on promising methods that can be used in the various regional debt collection markets’, explains Romina Rosiello, Product and Cooperation Manager at the EOS Cross-border Center in Hamburg, Germany. EOS covers more than 180 countries via its partner network. Customers can gain access to the high-quality services of the EOS Group even when their native country does not have its own subsidiaries. ‘Using their local expertise, our on-site partners ensure that recovery is performed quickly, smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of our customers’, says Ms Rosiello.

The example of Visma Duetto: If a customer of the EOS Group has outstanding debt with Finnish companies or private individuals, EOS automatically forwards the cases concerned from the client’s country to Turku, via its Global Collection platform. This is where Visma Duetto swings into action. ‘Statutory regulations and cultural aspects can vary widely from country to country. Speaking the language of a country, being familiar with local customs and the details of the local market are indispensable to success’, says Mr Ruoho.

What is a preferred partner?This is explained by Romina Rosiello, Cross-border Product & Cooperation Manager
Unique selling point:  Visma Duetto offers debt collection software plus personalised client service
Unique selling point:

Visma Duetto offers debt collection software plus personalised client service

Strongly contested Finnish market

Like EOS, the Finnish debt collection specialist combines digital solutions with close contact to its customers. ‘We assign every customer its own contact person who can be contacted for help with technical issues, questions and requests related to the entire debt collection process. This individual, all-round support is our unique selling point in the strongly contested Finnish market’, explains Mr Ruoho.

Visma Duetto’s status as ‘Preferred Partner’ also pays off for its own customers. For instance, their cross-country receivables can be recovered via EOS or the EOS partner system. 85 clients already use this service. ‘Many Finnish companies sell their products across the entire world. That is why they prefer internationally established debt collection service providers. As a Preferred Partner, we can offer true added value’, says Mr Ruoho. The wide-ranging network of the globally operating EOS Group overcomes distances with ease.

Programmed for the future


The start-up Lilium based in Munich, Germany, has a vision of mini-jets for everyone. A prototype already exists. Their two-seater can transport payloads of 200 kilograms and fly at 400 kilometres per hour. It also takes off vertically like a helicopter. Thanks to the 36 electric drive units on the wing flaps and swivelling aerofoils, it takes off noiselessly. The plane’s battery can be charged using a conventional power socket. One charge is enough for 300 kilometres.